March fitness update: 3/1-3/15

I keep track of all my workouts in fitocracy.  If you would like to join fitocracy and view my workouts there, here’s the link to my page.  If not, I’ve included them here.  My workouts for the first half of March:

3/1/2013 – Rest

3/2/2013 – Running

13.1 mi: 2:02:45 (Albany Half Marathon and a new PR!)

3/3/2013 – Hot yoga and Weightlifting

Hot yoga: 1:30

BB-BP: 45 lbs 1sX5r, 75 lbs 1sX4r
BB-DL: 45 lbs 1sX5r, 125 lbs 1sX5r
BB-OHP: 45 lbs 1sX5r, 55 lbs 1sX5r
BB-PR: 45 lbs 1sX5r, 60 lbs 1sX5r
BB-S: 45 lbs 1sX5r, 120 lbs 1sX2r, 115 lbs 1sX3r
DB-C: 20 lbs 1sX8r
DB-SB: 20 lbs 1sX15r
RT: 20 lbs 1sX15r

3/4/2013 – Rest

3/5/2013: Running
4 mi: 43:01

3/6/2013: Running

1.8 mi: 19:49 (New shoes, need to break them in!  Also, calves still tight from the half marathon)

3/7/2013: Rest

3/8/2013: Running

5.1 mi: 54:51

3/9/2013: Running (Spartan Sprint) and Burpees
4.6 mi(?): 1:48:14 (No asthma treatment prior to run)

Burpees: 4sX30r (couldn’t complete 4 obstacles)

3/10/2013: Rest (Calves tight from Spartan)

3/11/2013: Rest (Calves tight from Spartan)

3/12/2013: Running

5.1 mi: 57:51

3/13/2013: Rest (Calves tight from Spartan)

3/14/2013: Rest (Calves tight from Spartan)

3/15/2013: Running

6 mi: 1:09:27

Total achievements for the first half of March:

BB-BP: 80 lbs -> 75 lbs
BB-DL: 130 lbs -> 125 lbs
BB-OHP: 60 lbs -> 55 lbs
BB-S: 125 lbs -> 125 lbs

Running: 38.5 miles

Progress towards 2013 fitness goals:

BB-BP: 61.5% of BW
BB-DL: 102.5% of BW
BB-S: 102.5% of BW (Goal Achieved!)

Running: 18.5% of 1000 mi goal

Fun facts:

None for lifting, but I ran almost as fast as an opossum!

Not the cutest thing, but can run up to 7 mph!

Not the cutest thing, but can run up to 7 mph!


BB = Barbell
BP = Bench Press
C = Curl
DB = Dumbbell
DL = Deadlift
OHP = Overhead Press
PR = Pendlay Row
RT = Russian Twist
S = Squat
SB = Side Bend



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2 responses to “March fitness update: 3/1-3/15

  1. I love the workouts the possum scares me, Do you have a food list you were eating while you were working out?

    • I currently don’t have specific meal tied to exercising. So no pre/post-workout shake/supplements. I also don’t really have a list of things I will or won’t eat in general. When I make dinner, I tend to cook enough food to feed an army and so will eat leftovers for lunch and dinner the next few days. During the week, I take breakfast, lunch, and snacks to work, but the exact food will vary. I do eat an almost alarming amount of fruit each day.

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