March Week 1: No Sugar

Ah, I was already in March a few days before I remembered to check to see what my challenge was for the month. As such, I had a couple lapses the first week. I did have a bit of sugar the night before and day of my half-marathon. Do you forgive me for having about 1/4 cup of chocolate pudding 12 hour before I ran 13.1 miles? How about the 8-ish ounces of orange juice the morning of? I also had a package of apple cinnamon oatmeal the day I remembered to check which challenge I was in for March. Then I had something lovingly prepared by someone else which had honey, which I couldn’t really turn down.

Other than those small mistakes, I have been very good. I haven’t really craved sugar since about November, so this month shouldn’t be too “challenging” to keep going. My new thing is to eat ALL THE CHIPS AND SALSA, and CHEESE AND CRACKERS. I’m going to try to cut those way back soon, as I can sit and polish off over half my days’ calories with those two snacks in under an hour. I’ve essentially replaced sweets with salty, which is not something I was intending. Maybe the second half of this month should be devoted to abstaining from those two snack combinations.

I like that idea! Look out March 15-31, we’re about to take up some better snack habits!

Yeah, I won't be having any of these...

Yeah, I won’t be having any of these…


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