Februry fitness update: 15-28

I keep track of all my workouts in fitocracy.  If you would like to join fitocracy and view my workouts there, here’s the link to my page.  If not, I’ve included them here.  This month was pretty weak in terms of lifting, I was focusing on running more because of the up-coming half-marathon.  My workouts for the second half of February:

2/15/2013 – Weightlifting
BB-BP: 45 lbs 1sX5r, 80 lbs 3sX4r
BB-DL: 115 lbs 1sX5r, 130 lbs 3sX5r
BB-PR: 45 lbs 1sX5r, 60 lbs 3sX5r
BB-S: 45 lbs 1sX5r, 125 lbs 3sX5r
DB-C: 20 lbs 3sX8r
DB-SB: 20 lbs 3sX15r
RT: 20 lbs 3sX5r

2/16/2013 – Running
6 mi: 1:10:24 (45F and 15 mph wind, was supposed to do 10 mi but only managed 6 mi)

2/17/2013 – Rest day

2/18/2013 – Dental Appt.

2/19/2013 – Worked late

2/20/2013 –  Running
12 mi: 2:03:34

2/21/2013 – Rest day

2/22/2013 – Running (treadmill)
3 mi: 27:56

2/23/2013: Rest/traveling

2/24/2013: Running
8.7 mi: 1:28:19

2/25/2013: Rest

2/26/2013: Running
3 mi: 29:11

2/27/2013: Running
3 mi: 31:11

2/28/2013: Rest

Total achievements for the second half of February:

BB-BP: 80 lbs (No Change)
BB-DL: 130 lbs (No Change)
BB-OHP: 60 lbs (No Change)
BB-S: 125 lbs (No Change)

Running: 35.7 miles

Progress towards 2013 fitness goals:

BB-BP: 65.6% of BW
BB-DL: 106.6% of BW
BB-S: 102.5% of BW (Goal Achieved!)

Running: 14.69% of 1000 mi goal

Fun facts:

I can bench press a male emu
I can squat and deadlift a leopard
I can overhead press a red wolf

In the weight room, you bench press the leopard!

In the weight room, you squat the leopard!


BB = Barbell
BP = Bench Press
C = Curl
DB = Dumbbell
DL = Deadlift
OHP = Overhead Press
PR = Pendlay Row
RT = Russian Twist
S = Squat
SB = Side Bend


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