January Summary: Habitual Cleaning

January was supposed to get me into the habit of regular cleaning of the house.  There were no weekly goals for this one.  The chores I wanted to do every week were:

General pick up and putting stuff where it belongs
Sweeping/mopping the floors
Clean off counters and mirrors
Laundry (including changing bed sheets weekly)

So what was my “score” for the week?  I achieved about a 75% success rate. My main obstacle is that the house is rather large, so it is a time investment to sweep and mop all the floors (all are either tile or wood).  It takes about 2-3 hours to do just the floors (especially with moving furniture), then another hour or more to do the rest of the chores.  Easily my day was half over by the time I was done cleaning, so the last weekend just fell to the “I don’t wanna” excuse.  This also creates an issue when I am gone for the weekend, I don’t have time after work to run/lift, cook dinner, shower, and do the floors.

On the plus side, I got my vegetable started!  Look the tomatoes and bell peppers are coming up!




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