Plans for 2013! More Monthly Challenges!

2013 has arrived!  So, what is on the spreadsheet for this year?  Yeah, I actually do have a spreadsheet for this sort of thing.

Yeah, It has banded rows for easy reading and everything...

It even has banded rows for easy reading…

Here’s what I’m thinking:

January: Habitual Cleaning
February: Chainmail
March: No Sugar
April: Volunteer
May: Games
June: Exercise
July: Frugal
August: Try it! (Experience new things)
September: Pen Pals
October: Sleep
November: Photography
December: Reading

Some of these are repeats from last year: Chainmail, No Sugar, Exercise, Photography, and Reading.  For the Chainmail month, I am going to focus more on learning patterns rather than weaving a specific piece.  No Sugar is fairly the same as 2012, I just want to put it in again this year to keep my occasional sweet tooth in check.  I am not sure yet what form my Exercise goals will take, but I know that this year will include running and weight lifting!  Photography and Reading will be similar to last year, but I will try different things in both.

For the new goals, I will talk about those as the months come to pass.  I am pretty excited about some of the new goals this year.  Most of the goals this year will allow me to have more time, since last year had me traveling all over to go to festivals and for running and I also spent a lot of time in the kitchen and recipe researching.

As far as an overall, year-long fitness goal, I’m going to do something a little different.  I want to spend more time lifting weights, but I don’t want to lose the cardio fitness that I’ve worked hard to build-up.  There are running goal ideas all over the internet, last year I ran 530 miles and really only started putting up some serious mileage (more than 3-4 mi per run) in mid-July.  I think that this year I can double that!  I am going to try to make it to 1,000 miles in 2013!  That means that I need to average about 20 mi/week over the year, not taking into account races and the training thereof.  I am going to cut back on the races I enter, as that becomes expensive over time!  I spent a lot in 2012 on registration, gas, clothes/equipment, and, in the case of the marathon, food and hotel.  This year, I would still like to run at least one half-marathon and one marathon.  I have also already (back in Sept.) signed up to run the Spartan Sprint, which I am planning that to be my only obstacle course run for the year.

For my weightlifting goals, I really want to get stronger.  That is a vague “goal” so I am going to put numbers to that.  I’ve previously discussed my adoration for fitocracy.  One of their features is the “Achievements” badges, which are awarded whenever you hit certain fitness milestones.  For strength exercises, their achievements are awarded:

Pull-ups (3/set, 8/set, 12/set)
Bench Press (Dumbbell [DB]: 26% bodyweight [BW], 34% BW, and 47% BW.  Barbell [BB]: 60% BW, 80% BW, and 110% BW)
Standing Shoulder Press (DB: 18% BW, 28% BW, and 36% BW.  BB: 40% BW, 55% BW, and 80%BW)
Deadlift (BB: 100% BW, 140% BW, and 200% BW)
Squat (BB: 80% BW, 120% BW, and 160% BW)

Back when I didn’t really know how to properly, and safely, perform an squat, I “achieved” the 80% badge.  I backed off on the weight, corrected my form, and am building back up.  So, this year, I want to get as many of these achievements as I can.  My specific goals are:

BB Squat – 100% BW
BB Deadlift – 150% BW
BB Bench Press – 75% BW

I also love doing shoulder presses, and will continue to do that exercise, but I am not going to make a specific goal for that exercise.  I’ve been training specifically with the barbell, but every now and then I’ll jump on the dumbbells for Bench Press and Shoulder Press to see where I am in those achievements.  I’ll up date a couple times a month with my progress and post any personal records I set and if I hit any achievements.

Running and strength goals, am I biting off more than I can chew?  We shall see!

Here’s to 2013!

Contemplative owl is contemplative

Contemplative owl is contemplative



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2 responses to “Plans for 2013! More Monthly Challenges!

  1. I love the idea of different focuses each month. I may need to rethink my resolution structure. Good luck on your endeavors!

    • Thanks! I really enjoyed doing the monthly challenges last year and am excited to try out a few new things this year. The challenges are a great way to make big goals bite-sized over the course of a month and to get out of ruts.

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