November Week 4: Indian Chaat – Dahi batata puri

That’s a lot of unfamiliar words, let’s break it down.

Chaat is a term for savory street food in India.
Dahi is a Hindi word for yogurt.Batata mean potatoes.
Puri is a an unleavened bread that is fried and puffs up like a ball and turns hard.

Traditionally, the top of the puri is broken and a mixture of potatoes and chickpeas are stuffed inside.  The thing is, I don’t have any puri and didn’t quite have the drive to make them in addition to making everything else for the dinner.  The recipe, from allrecipes, called for a couple of ingredients that I had to find recipes for!  I had to make green chutney and sweet and sour chutney.

The thing is, the sweet and sour chutney called for tamarind which I couldn’t find.  So I had to look up a substitute for tamarind, to make sweet and sour chutney, to make the dinner!  I also had to make the Dahi part of the dinner.  I made the two chutneys, the yogurt sauce, and the rest of the dinner and stuffed all the yumminess into a pita.  While I am sure that the puri would have made the dinner even better, this was still pretty awesome.


Some assembly required for this dinner


Pita, mashed potato, chickpeas, and spiced yogurt


Green chutney, sweet and sour chutney, and chopped onion


All the sauces were delicious


Not quite authentic, but still very tasty

I would definitely make this again.  I could make the chutneys and freeze or can them so that it doesn’t take long to make, prepare the vegetables and spiced yogurt then stuff it into a pita.  Oh yeah, this is going into the book for later.

Week 5: Middle Eastern Beef Shawarma


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