November Week 3: Korean Bibimbap

This a case where you might say “You’re doing it wrong!”  Traditional, homemade bibimbap is more like a “cleaning-out-the-fridge” dinner.  You have some rice and cooked meat from a few days ago, some vegetable from lunch yesterday, throw in some pantry staples and a fried egg on top and you have bibimbap!  Well, I am a rebel and bought all the ingredients (I could find) to make this recipe.  As this is a vaguely defined, adaptable dish, finding a “recipe” for it was a challenge.

I used the one from Korean Bapsang with a few modifications.  I couldn’t find gochujang (red pepper paste), , and I didn’t want to fool with mushrooms so those things were left out.  I did try to make a faux red pepper paste sauce using red pepper flakes instead of the gochujang but that didn’t go well, it had no flavor.  I also should have known better on the rice, holy crap that is a lot of rice!  Next time, I’m going to half the rice amount.  The results:

Right to left: rice, seasoned beef, cucumbers, carrots, spinach, bean sprouts, egg, zucchini, and the fake red pepper paste sauce. Not pictured is the kimchi.


The egg really is the best part

Bibimbap all assembled, prior to mixing

It was ok, though the fault was likely mine.  My egg yolk broke in the pan, so the egg was over cooked a bit more than I would have liked.  It was a bit bland, though that was due to the lack of proper red pepper paste (gochujang) sauce.  I had some for lunch the next day and added some sriracha sauce and it was much improved!  Unfortunately I didn’t bring an egg to fry and top the bibimbap for lunch, it would have been so delicious.

Next Week: Indian Chaat – Dahi Batata Puri


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