November Week 1: Mexican – Tacos al Pastor and Arroz rojo

November is all about trying dishes from other regions/cultures!  Since even within one culture there is a huge range of foods, I decided to focus on either popular food or “street food” to narrow it down and learn a bit about the street vendor market in other cultures.

Week 1: Mexican
Week 2: French
Week 3: Korean
Week 4: Indian
Week 5: North Africa/Middle East

My choice for a Mexican dish was Tacos al Pastor and Arroz rojo!  Tacos seems to be a popular street food in areas of Mexico, so it was an easy choice.  I modified the recipe from epicurious to fit my available ingredients, though I have since found guajillo chile in the market.  I also didn’t top the finished tacos with more pineapple, since I wanted a spicier taco, rather than a sweeter one.  The meat was cooked and put in the corn tortillas then topped with chopped onion, cilantro and goat cheese.  The results?

Pork cooking on the stove!

Arroz con rojo

Tacos al pastor and arroz rojo

Delicious!  I want to eat these every week.  The meat was really the star, which is odd coming from someone who doesn’t often make meat dishes.  I only had those three corn tortillas, but the meat and fixings were awesome on tortilla chips as well.  That also added a nice crunch, but I could eat them either way.

The rice was from Food Network and it was ok.  It was a bit bland, so next time I would add more spice to it.

Next week: French crepes!


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