October Week 1: Macro

I enjoy playing with macro photography.  I’m not as crazy about it as some might be, but I do like taking closeup pictures of small things or features of larger things.  Oftentimes this ends up being feature pictures of plants and animals.  I have a lot of pictures of plants and animals so I am going to try to take pictures of other things this month.  So we begin with CANDY!

Maple Cream Truffle

Raspberry Truffle

Cookies n’ cream or maybe cookie dough?

Lemon Blossom! This was one of my favorite flavors

These were taken with my Sony with some natural and some supplemental light.  I did some minor touch ups on the maple and the lemon blossom in picasa, otherwise they have been mostly unmanipulated.  I tried to keep the colors as natural as possible, but they didn’t quite turn out the way they actually were.  If I had experience with proper external flash units, the color may have been accurate but, as it was, I was just playing around.  They really are quite cute!


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