September Week 3: Chainmail keychain or pendant

Time has gotten away from me again!  I have been spending a lot of my “free time” running and so haven’t had much time to post.  I have a few posts in mind and I am hoping to get those typed up in the next few days.  All this running has also cut into time that I had planned to spend on my various monthly challenges, something that I had not anticipated almost a year ago when I thought them up.  I shall endeavor to catch-all my loyal followers up on my little experiments.  By “all” I am, of course, referring to the random few people who somehow stumble their way to this thought adventure.

When coming up with the different jewelry options for this month the obvious choices include: necklace, bracelet, and earrings.  However, there are still two other weeks that needed projects.  A year ago, some friends and I made a massive order to the ring lord for supplies.  One friend ordered a couple of patterns that involved using scales.  Soon after playing withe the scales, he became quite busy and hasn’t had the opportunity to pick them up again.  I had the chance to play around with them to make a pendant.

Scalemail flower top

Scalemail flower bottom

This is an interesting piece.  I am not really much of a pendant person, maybe I’ll make it into a fan pull or attach it to a hair clip.  It didn’t take very long to make, but they weren’t joking when they said that the last ring was difficult to work into the pattern.


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One response to “September Week 3: Chainmail keychain or pendant

  1. Lois

    I love this! Wish I had one made into a pin for my jacket….:)

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