September Race: Gladiator Rockin’ Run

Ack!  I’m getting behind again!  In working, training for a marathon, and attending various weekend obligations I have allowed my posts on the blog to fall by the wayside.  Here’s a quick update on my yearly racing goal, though if I were honest, I would just call it my running goal.  I just didn’t make cycling a priority this year.  Hopefully that will change next year.

This was the first year that the Gladiator Rockin’ Run was in Georgia and it took place in Moreland.  I entered it at the last-minute and was still able to join the wave that my sister and her friends were running in.  There were a few hundred people wandering around, so not too bad for their first time in Georgia.  The course was about 4.2 miles long with 17 obstacles and through streams, wooded areas, and up pretty decent hills (for Georgia).   Some of the obstacles included swimming in a lake, climbing in and out of two long, empty dumpsters, crawling through mud, climbing over walls, carrying sacks of sand/rice, and the obligatory jump over fire.

Even with doing my nebulizer an hour before running, I still had a lot of trouble breathing on this race.  Then again, it seemed that a fair number of people ended up walking a lot of it.  Did I mention the hills?  There were some hills on this course.  Now, people from more mountainous areas would laugh at me, but I live in a flat area at sea-level.  I don’t do hills well.

My time was 1:16:57 for the 4.2 miles.  Overall I finished in about the top 50% and in the top 30% for my gender/age group.  Considering how hard it was to breathe, I’m pretty happy with the results.  If I could figure out a way to do my breathing treatment within about 30 minutes of the wave time, I think I would have done much better.

Would I do this event again?  Hell yeah!

Pictures that others took of the event!

Post run, very muddy!  I just noticed, I had already taken my medal off.  This was next to the “shower” area.


Definitely time to hose off!


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