September Week 1: Chainmail Box Pattern Necklace

Week one was spent on weaving a box pattern necklace.  I chose the Ripple Necklace out of the book Chained by Rebecca Mojica.  The original pattern calls for using sterling silver, but I’m not that fancy.  I used bright aluminum rings ordered from the Ring Lord in five sizes and three different gauges and weaved them using pliers coated with a rubber tool dip, so as to not scratch the rings.  Organization is key when working with multiple sizes or colors of rings in a pattern.

Here’s the set-up and partially finished necklace

Once you get the pattern down, it moves very quickly.  Due to having to order five different rings, it is a bit of a costly necklace if you don’t already have other uses for the rings.

The “ripple” in the necklace

And the finished product!

Ripple Box Weave Necklace



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2 responses to “September Week 1: Chainmail Box Pattern Necklace

  1. Remington unger

    May I ask what sized rings you used?

  2. For box weave, the rings need an AR of at least 3.8 with an ideal AR of around 5. The rings I used in this weave were a range of 4-5.4 AR, they don’t have to be all the same AR within the pattern. As this is a pattern from a book I purchased, I hesitate to give you the exact ring sizes.

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