August Week 5: Less Business, More Casual

Ah, business casual, a somewhat new category of office-wear.  I chose an outfit that is another one of my favorites.  I am a fan of the cowl neck on dresses and blouses.  The green of the blouse brings out the subtle reds in my hair and just looks pretty good with my overall skin tones.  It’s also hard to go wrong with some nice, dark jeans.

Drapey, slinky fabrics are my favorites.  And again with the “Smile!” comments…

So, dressing up for work… I don’t think I could really do it for long-term.  I just don’t have the wardrobe and can’t justify spending the money/time/effort to build it up.  There are only a few people in our office and they don’t really care how I dress, so there is no one to impress.  It is something I can continue to do on an occasional basis, but I’m not going to be dressing-up everyday.


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