August Race: Rockin’ the Lake Half Marathon

My first half marathon!  The race was in Lawrenceville, GA and also included a 5K and a 10K.  Mom ended up signing up for the 10K and so we drove up to Lawrenceville the night before and left from there in the morning to the park where the race was being held.  The park was about what you’d expect of a city park; a trail around the lake, playgrounds, and ducks.

Unfortunately, the way it was measured, the half marathon was 4 loops (plus a little extra) on the 5K route.  I had to cross the finish line 4 times before it was actually the finish line!  It was much more hilly than I expected, but I ran the whole thing, didn’t finish last, and finished in 2:29:29.  My mom walked the 10K and my roommate took pictures in return for picking him up from the airport.

Right before the race

And we’re off!

I think this was on the second loop

Coming in on the final stretch, mom finished the 10K and came to run the last .25 mi with me.

Who wouldn’t want somma this? Never better lookin’!

And now training for the marathon begins!


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