Portland Restaurants: Habesha

Habesha is an Ethiopian/Eritrean Restaurant that is .4 mi (5 minute walk) from the Crowne Plaza Hotel and .6 mi (15 minute walk) from the Oregon Convention Center.  Most of my experiences with authentic foods of other cultures has been Asian and Latin, with a little European thrown in here and there.  I was rather excited to try something different, though I was apprehensive as this restaurant had few reviews from any of the websites I had visited.  It must have recently opened, as there was no decor to speak of.  The wait staff was friendly and attentive, though I did have to request extra napkins as the one they gave me just wasn’t up to the task.

At the recommendation of the waiter, I ordered the siga wat (beef stew) and it came with injera, a spongy, sourdough-like bread.  The amount of injera they gave me was enormous, I couldn’t even begin to finish it all.  Traditionally, a group of people would sit down and share several plates of food and so that amount of bread wouldn’t be too much.  However, it was just one of me vs injera-the-expansive.  The siga wat was pretty tasty and went well with the bread.  I did finish the siga wat long before the injera, and I just couldn’t get used to the taste/texture of the injera on its own.  The price was reasonable for lunch, under $10!

Overall, I would recommend checking it out.  Especially if you are going out with a group!

Napiergrass (Pennisetum purpureum)


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