Portland Restaurants: Voodoo Donuts

Voodoo Donuts is a regular on lists of doughnut shops to visit in the U. S.  The restaurant has a punk/alternative feel and offers doughnuts that would send you into a sugar coma.  There are two locations for Voodoo Donuts, the one which I visited is on NE Davis St. and is .8 mi (18 minute walk) from the Oregon Convention Center and is 1.2 mi (25 minute walk) from the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The Voodoo Donuts website lists the different donuts that the shop offers.  A fair number of the doughnuts have candy or a sugary cereal for topping; Captain my captain is topped with captain crunch, the loop is topped with fruit loops, Marshall matters is topped with M&Ms, Double Bubble is topped with bubble gum dust and a piece of gum.  There are a few classics that Voodoo Donuts offers that most everyone would recognize; glazed, chocolate ring (chocolate frosted), powdered sugar, etc.  So there is something for the adventurous and something for the traditionalist.

For this particular trip I bought three doughnuts, I decided to try out a couple of the more popular doughnuts, the bacon maple bar and the voodoo doll, and one that I was sure that I would like, the Portland cream.  The bacon maple bar is a raised yeast bar with maple frosting and two strips of bacon on top.  Recently, the rest of the (internet) world has become bacon obsessed.  However, I have not developed an affection for it in the same way.  Bacon is ok, but I think we will just stay casual friends that just happen to run into one another now and then.  In my opinion, the maple frosting is much too sugary to be balanced out by the saltiness of the bacon.  It also happens that one of my favorite doughnuts is the chocolate eclair, so my mind and taste buds were confused because it had the right shape but was lacking a delicious filling!

The voodoo doll is a yeast raised doughnut topped with chocolate frosting, with raspberry jelly filling, and a pretzel “stake” through the chest.  It is certainly a charismatic doughnut, they are all decorated slightly different so no two are quite alike.  This doughnut was pretty good, though incredibly sweet!  It was also a challenge to eat, as it was a fairly substantial doughnut in terms of size and weight.

The Portland Cream is a typical chocolate frosted doughnut with Bavarian cream filling.  One of my favorite doughnuts and it was not unseated by the other two in my list of favorites.  I do love a filled doughnut.

The cost for the doughnuts was comparable to other doughnut shops, I think I paid around $4 for all three doughnuts.  I suppose I am more of a traditionalist when it comes to my doughnuts, as the cereal/candy/cookie topped ones did not particularly appeal to me.  Sometimes the best food is simple.

Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia)


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