July Make-up Post Week 4: Vegetable Broth

One of my make-up recipes for July is to make some Vegetable broth.  I have a lot of recipes that use chicken or vegetable broth, so some homemade broth would be very useful to have around.  However, I don’t have a bunch of containers to store  half of a gallon of broth until I can get around to using it.  Carrot and coriander soup to the rescue! Goodness that soup was good, it is definitely going to be added to the regular rotation.

I did follow some recommendations on vegetable broth recipes in terms of added spices and ratios, but I chose my own veggies to throw into the pot.  Broccoli stems, carrot tops and peels, onion tops and bottoms, some old radishes, garlic, and a few other things went in the pot.

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble


Getting ready to strain

I did see that someone in one of the recipe comments mentioned keeping a bowl in the freezer and tossing in the veggie bits as they go about making other recipes.  How have I not thought about this? I boiled the vegetables with a few spices for about 25 minutes and then put a steamer basket in a big mixing bowl and cheese cloth on top of that.  I then poured the broth through the strainer and let it drain for a bit.  After it cooled down, I squeezed all the liquid I could out of the vegetables.

Hey, a brown liquid! It could be broth!


The resulting broth was pretty good, I think I should have added some more salt but I can do that to the recipes where I use the broth.  After using the broth in the recipe, there wasn’t much left over to store.  I have about 2 cups that I need to find something to do with.  I think I can manage a small soup or chili to use it in.  A vegetable broth is much easier and quicker than a stock or meat based broth.  It was all done in under an hour.  Though I am interested in making a stock at some point.  I’d get to roast bones!

I am going to be making those rice paper wrappers soon.  The blog keeps getting hits for people looking for those and I feel like I am letting them all down as there is no recipe or anything for them to find.


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