Portland Restaurants: Pho Broadway

This little Vietnamese restaurant sits a corner on NE Broadway in Portland, about .4 mi (10 minutes walk) from the Crowne Plaza Hotel and about .7 mi (15 minute walk) from the Oregon Convention Center.  It is pretty easy to find, especially with the giant banner outside proclaiming their specials.  I’ve never had Vietnamese before, so I decided to pop in and check it out for dinner.  Well, it may have also been because they were one of the few restaurants open Sunday evening.

The restaurant wasn’t particularly aesthetically pleasing in terms of decorum, but that isn’t something that has any bearing on the quality of the food.  There appeared to be just one person seating customers, waiting tables, busing tables, taking to-go orders, and serving as cashier.  However, even with a reduced staff, I didn’t have to wait long for my meal.

I ordered the pho ga (chicken pho) which came with bean sprouts, lime, sliced peppers, and Thai basil on the side. It tasted quite good with the lime and bean sprouts added, though I wasn’t a fan of the Thai basil.  Some of the comments on the various restaurant review websites said that the pho was a bit bland, which was not the case in my experience.  It was broth was flavorful and the condiments added more texture and flavor to the pho.

Other than perhaps being a bit under staffed, I rather enjoyed my first experience with pho. The small order of pho ga was about $7 and was plenty for dinner. I would recommend trying it out.

No camera in Portland, so here a random picture from some other adventure!

Woodland sunflower (Helianthus divaricatus)


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