July Race: Hog Jog 5K

I just realized that I never posted about my July race!  I changed my mind a couple of times before settling on this race just a few days before race day.  The first thought for July was to follow the 12 Days of Christmas running plan put together by the Clover Gloves race series.  The race covers 12 days spread out through July with varying distances; some of the races are “home” races and some are “destination” races put on by the Clover Gloves. The structure of the 2012 race was:

July 1 – 1 mi
July 2 – 2 mi
July 4 – 3 mi
July 6 – 4 mi
July 7 – 5K (destination)
July 8 – 6K (destination)
July 11 – 7K
July 12 – 8K
July 17 – 9K
July 20 – 10.4K (destination)
July 21 – 11K (destination)
July 28 – 12K (destination)

The plan was to do all the races on my own, but attend the 12K for my July race.  However, I would have had to drive several hours, there and back, on my own to run the 12K.  Also, at the end of June I decided to run a half-marathon in August.  In training for the HM I would need to alter the running schedule a great deal to work up to the HM distance.  So at the end of July I decided to run in a 5K that was much closer.

Kinda cute shirt design

Since the distance wasn’t a challenge, I wanted to try to run it faster than my previous 5Ks.  There were about 70 people who participated in the race, a fair amount of walkers with a few runners.  The race was on a fairly flat road/trail with only soft sand as the hard part of the race.  This was the first year they put on the race and so there were a few hiccups.  The person who was supposed to handle the registration never showed up and so another person filled in and it was a bit confusing.  The timing didn’t quite go according to plan and so a lot of the individual results were lost.  However, I did have my watch keeping track of my time.

Fastest 5K so far!

I ended up finishing 9th overall, 3rd female, and 2nd in my age group!  I missed being first in my age group by about 8 seconds and missed being first female overall by about 30 seconds.  Still, this is the best I’ve done and I’ll definitely take it!


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