Portland restaurants: Yuki Japanese Restaurant

Long before I arrived in Portland, I planned out several restaurants to visit based on google reviews, city search, and yelp.  My criteria were that it couldn’t be terribly expensive, had somewhat decent reviews, and was within reasonable  walking distance of the hotel or meeting center.
Yuki Japanese Restaurant was my first choice of restaurants to visit as I had been craving sushi for some time.  The restaurant was about .5 mi (10 minute walk) from the hotel and .8 mi (15 minute walk) from the conference center, so not too bad of a walk.  I cannot recall the names of the three types of sushi that I ordered (they were not the standard types you see on the menu at every restaurant), but they were delicious.  The shrimp tempura within one of the rolls was still crispy, not soggy as it can get sometimes.  The vegetables were crisp as well, not limp as if they had been sitting out or were old.  There was an appropriate amount of rice in/on each roll, they weren’t overloaded to make them appear larger or more filling.  All the fish tasted fresh and mellow and melded well with the other flavors within each roll.
The restaurant was mostly empty when I visited and service was good.  Being located downtown, it wasn’t a huge restaurant but didn’t feel crowded with tables or people.  The restaurant was easy to find and in a good area, no shady neighborhoods to pass through. The price was comparable to other sunshine prices, 5-8 for standard rolls and 8-12 for specialty rolls.
Overall, I would definitely go back again.

No camera while in Portland. Here is a black and yellow garden spider (Argiope aurantia) from Niceville, FL to enjoy!


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