My affair with Portland

I am currently living in a fairly small town in the southeastern U. S. and as such am pretty excited when I get the opportunity to visit larger cities.  Luckily, I was sent to Portland for a bit over a week in August for work purposes and as such had access to several types of restaurants that would normally be very far away.  While at these meetings there is usually a lot of eating at restaurants, as a little mini-challenge for the trip I visited a different restaurant for each meal and kept track of my experiences.

Within walking distance there were Vietnamese, Japanese, Ethiopian, Lebanese, Italian, seafood, vegan, and all types of American restaurants/cafés.  I am planning on writing a short review of each restaurant I visited.  This isn’t going to be anything too fancy or involved, pretty much just what I ate, the environment of the place, and any other tidbits that I happen to remember.  I hope you enjoy!

P.S. restaurants don’t put ice in their drinks, I found that quite odd…

P.P.S. no sales tax!

I didn’t take my camera to Portland, so here is a juvenile great blue heron (Ardea herodias) from Destin, FL


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