July Weeks 4 and 5: Rice Paper Failure and Summary

For the fourth week of July I wanted to make rice paper wrappers for spring rolls.  The first task in looking up recipes, and anything really, is to know what you are searching.  What that means is that “rice paper” can mean a couple different things, i. e., paper made of rice for writing on or paper made of rice for eating.  “Rice wrapper recipes” gave me a lot of recipes that use the wrappers but not many that were recipes for making the wrappers.  Once you hunt down the different names that the various Asian cultures call those rice wrappers, then finding the recipes is a little easier.  After some searching about on the internet I discovered that there are a couple different ways to make them:

  • rice flour and water
  • rice flour and another type of flour (tapioca, wheat, etc.) and water
  • rice “dough” thinly poured on a tight cloth fastened over a pot of boiling water and thus steamed
  • rice “dough” thinly poured (or sponged off a large wad of “dough”) in a small frying pan and cooked

With these options in mind, I set off to the grocery store to buy rice flour.

However, it would seem that the local Wal-Mart doesn’t carry rice flour and don’t even consider them stocking tapioca flour either.  I have since visited an Asian grocer, there is not one located in town, and will be attempting to make the paper wrappers soon.

July week 5 was spent getting ready for my trip to Portland, Oregon and so while I did cook before I left, I didn’t make anything out of the ordinary.  Unless you count this lovely salad and salad dressing from Kalyn’s Kitchen!  Or her Julienned Zucchini “Spaghetti” with Quick Sausage, Tomato, and Basil Sauce which I have received many compliments on!  I modify the recipes a little here and there to my tastes, but only just a little because they are already so good.

In summary, July was a bit of a bust in terms of cooking/baking things I would normally buy pre-made.  A fair amount of what I cook is from fresh vegetables; not a lot of breads, pastas, canned, or jarred foods in my recipes lately.  I had anticipated that I would make some vegetable stock, but I don’t have anything to store it in for long-term and so that was put to the side.

August: Stylin’ at the Office (Dressing nice for work!)

Picture of something random!

Red Buckeye (Aesculus pavia) beckons you


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