July Week 2: Making Bread… (not very well)

Despite choosing a “no fail” type recipe, it didn’t go well.  It wasn’t even a kneading recipe!  How can I mess up a recipe with four ingredients?  Really: water, flour, salt, and yeast.  I’m looking into that.  That was it.  I, apparently, made something similar to a dense crouton.

I did let the dough “rise” a few hours longer than it recommended, but it didn’t really rise so much as it spread.

Current theories:

The flour/water ratio:  Some websites say to alter the amount of liquid if using whole wheat flour vs. white flour.  However, some say that there is no difference.
The yeast:  According to some websites, I should have added more yeast or “activated” the yeast, which was not specified in the recipe.

Overall, after popping it in the microwave and slathering with butter, it was edible.  Very chewy and dense, but not too bad.  “Rustic” would be very apt description.  I may try to make it again later, but there are so many other things to make in the meantime!

No pictures of the bread, as my camera battery was dead.  (Well, that was an unintentional rhyme.)  Here is a picture of something completely different.

Boardwalk though the dunes in Destin, FL

Next week… Something…


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