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June Race: Watermelon 10.2K

The original plan for the monthly races had been to run 5Ks.  It seems that I needed more of a challenge!  The Watermelon Race was not too far away and I made it there in plenty of time to do my asthma treatment and mill about.  I do have a couple of complaints: 1) they started the 10.2K 45 minutes late and didn’t tell anyone and 2) the course was two loops on the 5K course with the starting line a little further back.

Not a great picture, but it’s all I’ve got!

Unfortunately there aren’t any pictures of me for this race, my friends were out-of-town or busy.  I thought I did pretty well, 10.2K (6.34 miles) in 1:07:14, so about a 10:36 min/mi pace!  There were even a few people who I passed along the way!  That 10-year-old kid was really reluctant to let me pass him, but I got around him at about 2.5 mi in.  I also passed a mid-teens girl about 4 miles in too!

The only thing that dampened my spirits were the ton of ants that had invaded my car for a couple of weeks.  Luckily, they have since moved on to the great vacuum in the closet.  Actually, I emptied it after vacuuming, but I liked the way that sounded.

July Race: 12 Days of Christmas 12K


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