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June Week 2: Classics

For week 2, I wanted to pick out a book that most everyone else seems to have read.  In keeping with the theme of reading books which I already have, I picked out Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

This book is a day or two old…

Like most kids, I saw the Disney version when I was very young.  I also vaguely remember a television show in the mid-90s based on the story.  However, I had never read the book.  It turns out that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland isn’t very long, only about 100 pages.

The story is definitely reminiscent of a dream, much more so than the Disney movie.  It seems that events flow from one situation to another more smoothly but they are different and stranger.  The movie left out a few characters and events from the original storyline and incorporated some elements from Through the Looking Glass.  The most obvious example of alteration is the removal of the Duchess.  In the book, Alice visits the Duchess and after conversing with her for a time, the Duchess hands Alice her baby and leaves.  Alice tries to nurse the fidgeting baby, tying it into a knot to keep it still, it then turns into a pig and she releases it into the nearby forest.  Talk about a world gone mad!

I did enjoy the book and may even read the sequel at a later time, but it is definitely something I should have read as a child.  The book is more about the strangeness of the characters rather than following a plot, which is something that I don’t generally seek out in a book.

Week 3: History


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