May Race! Kiwanis Memorial Day 8K

In May I decided to try my feet at an 8K race.  The race was well-organized, easy to find, and had a nice little tribute for Memorial Day.  Prior to leaving for the race, I had the responsibility of taking care of a friend’s “farmlet” while he was away for a couple of days.  I rather like feeding his animals, particularly since I get to play with his dogs and have “conversations” with the goats.

Rubber-necking goats “What’s going on over there?”

So at 6:00am, I left the house to feed some goats, dogs, rabbits, pigs, and a duck.  We arrived at the race about 45 minutes before the start, which gave me plenty of time to get my number and do my nebulizer.  Right before I made my way to the starting line, we discovered that the car battery was dead.  Note for next race: leave the car actually running while using the converter for the nebulizer.  At that point, there was nothing I could do about the car so to the starting line we went!

Ready to run!

About 10 minutes before race time, the official gave a little speech about Memorial Day and then called for all veterans to come to the front of the line.  He led the veterans to a spot about 30 feet in front of the rest of the runners and told them that they would start from there, though apparently there was one guy would have beat us all regardless of any advantage given to him.

They definitely didn’t need the head start!   Despite most of them being at least 20 years older than me, almost all of them crossed the finish line before me.

The course for the race was somewhat of an out to a point and back, rather than a loop.  It was also very humid and windy, though the high wind kept the bugs away.

And we begin!

I wasn’t exactly at the back of the pack, but I am generally slightly behind the middle of the pack.  While passing one of the last policemen on the route, he said some encouraging words, I told him that all the Vietnam veterans were beating me, but that it was appropriate considering the holiday!  I like making policemen laugh.

One of the Vets with some flag patterned shorts leading me to the finish line

Crossing the finish line!

I finished at 54:19, a little under an 11min/mi pace!  I was very happy to finish under 55 min!  Then I remembered, now we need to find someone to give the car a jump.  Luckily, within a few minutes of finishing the race, the person next to us was getting in their car and was willing to charge the battery so we could get home.  After some initial confusion figuring out where to hook the negative cable to their car, and nearly having to call AAA for assistance, we got the car started and we were back home a little after 10 a.m.  Then I proceeded to do nothing for the rest of the day, which was a nice change of pace.


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