May Week 5 and Summary

On Sunday, we had a little Memorial Day/Pool Party in which I totally blew the whole no sugar goal.

Maybe we should have cleaned the pool prior to the party…

I thought that I could make some Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries and not eat a whole ton of them.  Well, that would have worked if I had not had about 1/2 cup of filling leftover.  I ended up eating most of the leftover filling and a couple of the strawberries at the party (probably about 1.5 tbsp of powdered sugar total).  However, the next day I ran an 8K, so I am not beating myself up too much over this.  There were also a couple of instances of a portion of something I ate this week that had a small amount of sugar added, such as some balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing, but they were almost negligible amounts.

To recap this month: A glass of raspberry lemonade, not very delicious pecan pie, and some very delicious cheesecake stuffed strawberries were my cheats over an entire month.  I think that is pretty good!

This experience has helped me to get over the occasional sugar craving, which is something I have battled since starting to eat healthier.  On to the next challenge!

June: Reading


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