May Week 4: No Sugar

Again, I did really well this week!  Sunday I cooked some Crockpot Gingered chickpeas with Spicy Tomato Stew  (from Cookin Canuck) for a party, which were complimented a few times.  I cooked an excellent Roasted Tomato Soup with broiled cheddar (from Smitten Kitchen) for my weekly small gathering of friends on Thursday.  I even bought ramekin mugs for this cooking adventure!  On Saturday, I made a Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich (from TasteSpotting) and paired with some leftover tomato soup.  The grilled cheese was a bit heavy/rich, next time I may reduce the amount of cheese and avocado or maybe just split it with a friend.  The end of May is imminent!  Next post will the last few days of May and a recap.


And here is a pretty picture that has nothing to do with anything!

Too early for me!


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  1. Musha Slater

    Stay strong!

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