Quick pics

A few pictures that I’ve taken recently that make me happy.

Soft Pink Rose

When we moved in, there were a fair number of plants that were decided to be undesirable.  Nandina?  Absolutely gone.  Crepe myrtles?  Soon to be gone.  Roses?  Useless plants, thorny, not kept up, growing in the blueberries.  Most of them were cut out.  This little one with a few stems survived the carnage, mostly because it wasn’t planted with the others.  It might be a keeper, at least for a while.

Everyone likes the scent

A cute little green lynx spider hanging out in the rose.


After we moved in, one of the plants I wanted was gardenia.  It has been one of my favorite scents for several years and they are a rather attractive flower too.  It turns out that the sad little chopped-up bush near the back door is a gardenia!  It is a large shrub that they had trimmed like you would a boxwood (which is another plant they had planted).  It either needs to be moved to another area or will just need to be dug up and thrown out.  I am also going to look into the possibility of rooting a cutting.

You’re not a hummingbird!

We saw this little guy at the nursery when picking out some plants to replace the Nandinas.

Not a very Super 8 Motel

I took this picture last year coming back from Florida.  I am not sure if I like it better in color or B&W.



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