April Race – Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl!  I was kind of excited about this race.  It is a mud/obstacle run for women that donates a portion (2.5%) of the registration fees to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  There were about 6,500 women who signed up to run this 5K.

If you might not have noticed, I am a planner.  Or, at least, I strive to be an organized individual.  For my races, I’ve been making lists of what I need to take and pack and lay out my stuff the night before the event.  Now, I invited my sister along to join me in this run.  My sister likes to plan all the fun stuff, like matching uniforms, shirts, accessories, and the people who will be going.  I knew she had invited a few people, but didn’t know there was going to be almost a dozen other girls on this team.

My sister is late to almost everything.  She was late for her own birth.  For our 1pm wave, I told her that we needed to be on the road at 9 am.  This time was very thought out.  Given the location of the race, the amount of people that were going to be funneled to a very populated area (traffic), walking distance, registration lines, stuff stowing time, 20 minutes for my breathing treatment, and general fiddling around I thought that 4 hours might lead to a stress free outing.

The first hint of trouble: on the road at 9:30
The second hint of trouble: sign on interstate “All lanes closed due to accident”

I had anticipated getting to the event around 10am at the latest, with picking up one of her friend.  We ended up getting to the event at 11am, 2 hours before our wave time.  There were no signs anywhere that lead to the event.  There was no confirmation of registration at the registration booth.  The staff/volunteers would look at our ID, write down our name and the next bib number then send us on our way.  Anyone could have walked up and given their ID and walked away with a bib and t-shirt.

Also, there was no bag locker.  All we were told was that “something happened there” and no one could store their bags there.  Luckily one of the other girls on the team had family there to watch and they took care of all of our bags.

The run wasn’t a fun as I thought it would be.  A lot of it was running back and forth on a gravel parking lot, which was pretty hard on the feet and not at all visually interesting.  The obstacles were easier than I had hoped, I wanted some challenge to conquer.  There were three water stations along the way and one had run out when I ran past.  I actually went by twice, cause of the back and forth nature of the path.

Due to the car being so far away from the event, I had to do my breathing treatment 2 hours before the race.  Either due to taking the medicine so early, or that it just didn’t work, I was unable to run much of the race.  This is not fault of the race/event, just something I am going to take note of for future events.

No signs/volunteers leading to the event
No way to ensure that someone registered for the event
No bag storage and no explanation as to why
Poor course design
Water bearers not keeping up with demand

Would I do this event again?  If they stayed at the same location, probably not.

Finish time: 42:30

Side Note:

My goals for April seemed to be falling apart, and it was one of the ones I was most excited about too.

In fact, my fitness goal for the year (run or cycle in a race every month) has me sad for May.  I had the options of cycling in a race, running an 8K, or participating in a duathlon?  I don’t feel that I will have cycled nearly enough for a duathlon!  I bought a trainer for my bike, I will be putting it together this week.  I know, not the best option, but I don’t want to ride by myself and I don’t have anyone who isn’t insanely busy to ride with me right now.  So, I am left with running the 8K at the end of the month.  I guess that means I need to start running again!


My sister and I posing with dad before leaving for the race

My sister had some shirts made up for us


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