April Week 5 and Summary

The last week of April, which was only 2 days, I decided to play on my Wii to get some exercise.  I have the Wii games that came with the balance board and I was given Just Dance 3.  The Wii games I don’t like as much as the dancing.  They are so short and awkward in movement that I don’t feel like I get a good workout.  I much prefer to set the Just Dance to the Just Sweat setting and let it pick out an hour of songs to dance to.

So, April was kind of hit and miss.  I started off pretty well with Strength and Running, I set personal records in both.  Yoga week let me try out hot yoga, which I am hoping to go to again soon.  Cycling was kind of a bust, but I bought a trainer and I am hoping that I will be hopping on the bike more often.  The last week, Wii week, let me put my dancing shoes on.  Not that I have shoes for dancing, just sneakers.

May: No Sugar!


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