April Week 4: Cycling

Why did I only cycle once this week?  I am not very fast, so cycling with the regular group leaves me either cycling alone or feeling like a guilty snail with the one or two people who hang back with me.  If I weren’t there, they could go the speed they actually want to go rather than having to wait for my slow self to get over the “mountains” (haha, that’s funny because most would consider it very flat around here).

So what about my friends who cycle?  Busy would be an understatement.  School, work, social lives, healing injuries, work, home repairs, and work all get in the way of things like going on a bike ride with a friend.  Did I mention that they also work?  Damn them and their work ethics.

Why not cycle alone?  After witnessing and hearing about other cyclists around town who have hit or been attacked by dogs while on the road, that’s not something I’m interested in doing.

This week, as I said previously, I’ve only been out once.  For 5 miles.  My friend graciously set aside one afternoon to go out with me.  We had planned to hit up the local 17 mi loop but he began to have trouble shifting gears very early on.  It seems that after not riding for 6-7 months the gears were a bit fussy.

Week 4 verdict: not a total failure, but not what I had hoped for.


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