April Week 3: Yoga

I tried two different types of yoga this week.  The first was less “yoga” and more “high school gym class”.  I wasn’t all that impressed.  The second was hot yoga.

oooohhhh yeah…

It has been about 3 years, and one major ankle sprain, since I have attended any kind of a yoga class, so I wasn’t expecting to do very well.  I’ve also done yoga before but never hot yoga.  It wasn’t as hot as I expected but it did feel quite cool when I went out into the “hot and humid” outdoors.  I was a bit confused that we were being mostly led by a video, though there was an instructor too.  The shrill voice from the video was quite annoying.

I did a lot better than I expected, so I am quite pleased with that.  My area to work on has always been balance, rather than flexibility.  I will definitely be attending hot yoga again, I just wish that it didn’t conflict with group cycling.


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