April Week 2: Running

Another week of pushing myself paid off!  The farthest I had run prior to this week was in a 5k race, so 3.1 miles.  I’ve heard many times that the first 2 miles or so are the hardest.  I managed to run the 5k without stopping by just telling myself that I wasn’t going to stop.

I have had a thought rolling around in my head that I could do more than a 5k as my goal running goal for each month.  I decided to check out the running plans for marathon training.  The first week of the marathon training calls for:

Sun: Rest
Mon: 3 mi
Tues:  Rest
Wed: 4 mi
Thurs: 3 mi
Fri: Rest
Sat: 5 mi

So, how did I do?  On April 9 (Mon) I ran 3 mi in 33:56 and on April 11 (Wed) I ran 4 mi in 43:03.  The Wed run was the longest I have ever run, so a personal record!  I had planned to run on Thursday, but decided to run an obstacle course 5k Saturday afternoon at the last-minute.  I decided to do some light weights on Friday, which turned out to be a bad decision.  I was doing some dumbbell side bends and pulled something in the hip/back area.  After sleeping on it, I knew it would be a bad idea to potentially hurt myself even more a couple of weeks before my next mud run.  So, one or two fewer runs than I wanted but I still set a distance record!

Next week: Yoga!


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