March Race – Warrior Dash!

I’ve mentioned in a couple earlier posts my overall exercise goal for the year: run a 5k or cycle in a race once a month.  That would equal 12 races this year, which sounds like a lot but it really isn’t.  This month was a hard decision!  There was a local cycling race and the Warrior Dash on the same day and I went back and forth for over a month on which event I would attend.  I have wanted to run in the Warrior Dash ever since I heard about it, so I had to do it.

The course map didn’t quite match the actual course and, while I didn’t count, I think that there were actually more obstacles than they listed.  Some of the obstacles were climbing over walls, crawling under barbed wire, climbing on cargo nets, and jumping over fire.  I was an idiot and had forgotten to eat lunch and drink enough before the race and ended up walking a fair amount of it.  I think I did very well on the obstacles, but the running (or lack thereof) is what slowed my time way down.  My time ended up being over 40 minutes, which is worse than I had wanted but better than I thought it would be once I realized that I hadn’t eaten in several hours and didn’t have time to eat before my wave.

Who wears white to a mud run?

One of the encouraged traditions for the Warrior Dash is dressing in a costume.  From looking at pictures online, most people went with the “warrior” look.  I decided that a princess would be a much better idea.  A proper princess wears a lovely dress, long gloves, panty hose, and a tiara.  I, very briefly, thought about heels and then realized I wanted to finish the race on my own two feet, not on a stretcher.

Not so white anymore!

The tiara stayed on!  I did get a few compliments on the run and a couple of people asked if I was a bride/getting married.

Getting cleaned up at the Warrior Wash

The gloves were very helpful in getting clean!  I thought about offering them to other people to scrub the mud off, but decided against that.  I donated the shoes on the way out and threw the dress in the washer when I got home.  It came out white!  I am going to re-use it for another obstacle course race, not sure which though.

On to the next race!

EDIT:  Pictures from the race photographers

Princess daintily leaping over fire

Princess crawling out of mud (warrior dash symbol with hands)

Crossing the finish line



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3 responses to “March Race – Warrior Dash!

  1. Now I’m sorry I couldn’t go…

  2. Kris

    Like to buy that dress 😉

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