Week 5: Repticon and March Summary

I didn’t think I would be able to attend a festival the last weekend of March because of the Warrior Dash on Saturday.  Luckily, there was Repticon!  While not really a festival, it was a reptile and amphibian show in Perry, GA and I figured it was worth a look.  They had a variety of vendors selling everything from equipment to food to actual exotic animals.

AAAHHHH! Giant Snake!

Here are a few of the animals they had for sale…

Green Tree Python

Green Tree Python (Morelia viridis)

Australian Blue Tree Frog (Litoria caerulea)

Veiled chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus) juveniles

Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum)

I was surprised to see some species that were considered threatened or endangered being sold, such as the Axolotl from above which is Critically Endangered.  Though some of the listed species were endangered in select areas of their native range, not the entire.  Here’s another that I saw that is listed by the ICUN’s Red List as endangered.

Woma Python (Aspidites ramsayi)

Of course, some of the vendors were selling some animals that are considered an invasive species in our neighboring state Florida.  The veiled chameleons above are one species that have been reported in the wilds of Florida.  I wonder how they decide what is sold in Florida since there are several species of snakes, turtles, lizards, and amphibians that are invasive.  Here are a few I saw that EDDMapS Florida reports.

Dumeril's Boa

Black and White Tegu (Tupinambis merianae)

Colombian Rainbow Boa (Epicrates cenchria maurus)

So, how did I do this month?

Week 1: Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Festival – FAIL
Week 2: Peaches to Beaches Yard Sale – SUCCESS
Week 3: Calico Arts and Crafts Show – SUCCESS
Week 4: Fire Ant Festival – FAIL
Week 5: Repticon – SUCCESS

A 60% success rate.  Not too bad!  I am not sure that I would do a whole month of festivals again.  It gets to be more of a hassle than fun.  Maybe try to hit one a month or one every other month in slow seasons.

April: Exercise/Fitness month!

Week 1: Strength/Weights
Week 2: Running
Week 3: Yoga
Week 4: Cycling
Week 5: Wii Games


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