Fitocracy, my almost obsession

As of December 2011, I can feel more comfortable with saying “I exercise.”  That is when I joined Fitocracy and became accountable to more than just myself.  Previously, I would attempt to run once a week or less and that was about it.  I had started cycling in June 2011, but not with any regularity.  In past years, there were months at a time that I wouldn’t exercise at all!  Thanks to having fairly physically demanding jobs I wasn’t even overweight, but I wasn’t nearly as fit as I would like.

I became aware of Fitocracy through the XKCD webcomic, I checked out the website and requested an invite.  The waiting lasted all of a few days.  Not because they sent it that quick, but because I couldn’t wait for them to send an invite and so hunted one down through various forums and articles.  As I said, pre-Fitocracy, my exercises were sporadic and limited to a couple different cardio activities.  Fitocracy opened a whole new fitness world, a delightfully varied world with an active and encouraging community.  I now lift weights regularly and have gotten a bit stronger in the last few months.

I have invited several of my friends to join Fitocracy and have had mixed results.  Some friends have taken to it well, some I know are exercising but not posting, and some aren’t exercising much and aren’t posting much.  Maybe that will change in time, who knows?  Personally, I am doing this for me.

I have a few new goals now due to picking up weight lifting.  I want to be able to do pull-ups and a lot of push ups.  I want to be able to do deadlifts and squats (with actual weight on the bar).  I want to be able to lift more, run faster, and cycle farther than anyone would expect of me.

My regular exercise week includes running, bicep curls, squats, crunches, chest flyes, side bends, rows, bench press, push-ups, and a few other things.  By joining a new gym, I have begun to include barbell exercises of some of the previous exercises and adding a few new exercises.  Here’s hoping that the new exercises with combined with a couple of my monthly goals will help me become as fit as I want to be.


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