Week 2: Peaches to Beaches Yard Sale

The second week of March was a toss-up between the Peaches to Beaches Yard Sale and the Azalea Festival.  However, can one really pass up a 200 mile long yard sale?  Due to the large number of scattered booths, we didn’t even really make it much out of Perry, GA.  All of my commentary is thus limited to the Perry area.


The yard sale is in its 8th year and runs the second Friday and Saturday in March.  The route follows along HWY-341 through 12 communities beginning in Barnesville and runs through Culloden, Roberta, Fort Valley, Perry, Hawkinsville, Eastman, Helena/McRae/Lumber City, Hazelhurst, Baxley, Jesup/Odum, and ending in Brunswick and the Golden Isles.  The set-up is not talked about much on the official website, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  It turned out that the “official” vendors were generally all located in one place, downtown within the community.  There were also a lot of unofficial vendors and people who just happened to have their yard sales on the same weekend along HWY-341.  Coincidental, I’m sure, but I certainly don’t blame them.

Super Deal Finder!

I went shopping with my friend Megan, who is a champion yard-saler.  She is a semi-regular weekend rummage warrior.  She, of course, voted for Peaches to Beaches over the Azalea Festival.  She also likes cool old cars.  She intensely scrutinizes all available wares within each booth and has stated that half her wardrobe is made of yard sale finds.  I don’t think I will become quite the shopper that she is, this is one of only a handful of times that I have “gone yard salin'”.  One other time that I had gone was also with Megan and there was an unfortunate young man who was being force, by his wife, to sell some of his comic book collection.  I was able to buy a couple for a collector friend of mine, a #1 Spider Woman was among them.  From what I understand, that is a rare occurrence in our little town.

Art of all sorts was on display.

A Fine Bird Feeder!

Glass owls and a turtle

Rednek Signs

I seem to gravitate towards the antiques more so than the typical yard sale fare of used clothes, DVDs, and furniture.  Luckily I did find a few booths that had some unique things.  Here is my haul!

Glass Insulator

Bottles and Pottery

Antique Roller Skates

Refillable Oil Cans

Wooden Truck, had a made in china sticker on the bottom. So, not an antique, but it was only $5.

A Powder Horn and a Powder Shot Flask

Antique Brass Square, Ruler, and Level

All in all, I wish that we had gone further.  In the morning we had planned to hit 2-3 communities, but we only barely made it out of one.  We walked/drove around from 9:30-12:30 and it was still didn’t make it to another city!  Maybe next year…


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