Week 1: Festival Fail

I’ve done a bunch of research over the last couple months on March festivals and have several picked out for each weekend.  The first plan for March festivals was:

March 3 – Dublin Laurens St Patrick’s Festival
March 10 – Azalea Festival
March 17 – Fitzgerald Wild Chicken Festival
March 24 – 91st Ann. Standard Flower Show
March 31 – Arts in Black Festival

I have a few optional festivals lined up:

March 10 – Peaches to Beaches yard sale (200 miles long!)
March 17 – Calico Arts and Crafts Show
March 24 – Fire Ant Festival
March 31 – Springtime Tallahassee

The 31st is probably not going to happen, as I have my race for March lined up that day and won’t be able to do both.

So, how did March 3rd go?  It was a spectacular fail on multiple fronts.  There was a huge lack of information available on that particular day of the Dublin Laurens St. Patrick’s Festival.  I decided that if I couldn’t find key information about the festival before I left for it, then I wouldn’t go.  Supposedly the festival runs the whole month of March, but other than a couple of the weekend days, the site is rather vague on what is going on where in the city.

I then decided that I might go to a neighboring city and visit a marathon that was happening Saturday.  Then the sky opened.  Horizontal rain convinced me to not go for a drive to see the marathon.  So I ended up not doing either event that day, though I did make it to a friend’s birthday party.  Does that count?


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