Goals and February Summary

In working to get my Exercise-Induced Asthma under control, I am now able to set fitness goals with actual dates of completion.  My overall yearly goal is to run or cycle in a race once a month.  So far I have run two 5Ks, one in January and one in February.

The January 5K was pretty rough, the temperature was in the 60s but the humidity was brutal.  I was fighting with shin splints a week or so before the 5K and did have a little pain during the run.  I ended up walking three times and finished in 34:24, a little over 11 min/mi.

The February 5K was much better.  I took off a little over two weeks off of running to allow the shin splints to recover, and so didn’t think that I would do very well.  I was able to get in a couple runs before the end of the month and ran the whole 5K in 30:04, which is a little under 10 min/mi.

For March and April, I have scheduled mud runs.  These obstacle course races are a little different but are still approximately the same length as a 5K.  I will be looking up exercises to prepare for the obstacles, but will still only have a month or two to prepare.  Mainly I am going to be doing them because they look like a lot of fun.

I haven’t decided yet which races to pick for May and on.  I would like to participate in at least a couple of cycling races and there are a couple in May that I could decide between.

I do have my eye on a couple of sprint triathlons in fall, but I am not sure that I am going to be ready for them in time.  I haven’t swam in several years and wouldn’t start for another couple of months.  However, I can’t deny that they are very intriguing.  The first one that caught my eye is in August, but there is also one in October that is almost equally appealing.

This is a slippery slope I am on…

Overall, my February challenge turned out well.  I did blog every week, and stuck to the topics I had chosen.  I am glad that I didn’t decide to devote an entire blog to Exercise-Induced Asthma, as I don’t have a lot of experience with it and would have begun to run thin on topics.

March Challenge: Festivals!  I will be visiting a festival once a week in during March and will post about my experiences at them.


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