January: A Summary

January: Clean/Organize House

In late December, we moved from a 2 bed/1 bath rental into an 3 bed/2.5 bath older house.  In addition to the things that were left behind, we brought our own things into the house.  The guy has been much more interested in cleaning/organizing the yard, the garage, and the barn/workshop.  This suits me just fine and leaves me the house to tackle.  I broke out the weeks into:

Week 1) Bathrooms

Week 2) Bedrooms

Week 3) Kitchen

Week 4) Laundry

Week 5) Garage

How did I do?

Results: Mostly done.

As with any house, you are never really done.  Since it is an older house, there is a lot we want to do.  We are still figuring out the timeline on the major projects, since it seems that every room needs something done.  The areas still left to finish:

Hobby/Craft/Office Room – A lot of things that need to go into the garage are still in here.  Once we buy a few more tubs to put our camping equipment and other garage stuff, then I can move on this room a little more.

Guest room – It is currently holding all the items we want to donate to the church garage sale and a few other things.  The garage sale is in March, so I can finish that room then.

Areas not listed:

Attic – I haven’t been up there, but the guy says there are a few big things the previous owner didn’t move out.

Pool – It’s a salt-water swamp.  Seriously, you can’t see the bottom of it.  I believe that we will be hiring someone to clean it up.

For my final list for January…

The Big Projects


The guy has wavered back and forth on these walls.  The house has a mix of paneling and drywall.  In the kitchen they decided to use textured paint over paneling.  The options appear to be: 1) textured paint remover 2) sanding down the textured paint, smoothing mud over it or 3) ripping out the paneling and putting up drywall.  The guy is leaning towards the third option.


There are three bedrooms in this house.  Each bedroom has a different floor.  Most of the house is either tile or hard wood, so of course the bedrooms would have carpet, laminate, and parquet.  Yeah, that doesn’t make sense to me either. This would not be a concern, except that the carpet has two melted plastic spots the size of coasters and the parquet floor seems to have a ridge in the middle.  Oh, and the guy doesn’t like laminate.

Not too bad.  On to February!


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